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I, Ted Merrill, am a mostly retired software engineer living in Santa Cruz, California.   My consulting business is emBuild Software Design.  My expertise is in system software related to embedded systems: system design, operating systems, hardware drivers and development tools.

Ted Merrill at the Black TuskIn addition to my consulting business, I have held the titles of System Architect, Software Architect and Software Fellow in more than 25 years of experience in the embedded software field, working with tens of other engineers; and I have worked alone on major projects.  I have gained a reputation for both high production quantity and quality (the former cannot be maintained for long without the latter).  Details may be found here.

I have been the author of a diverse selection of system software, including:  a clone of the vxWorks operating system, a highly realtime software system coded in assembly language, an object-oriented graphics/windowing system, a mini-TCP stack, and many hardware drivers (including Unix/Linux) ... software control frameworks, high reliability flash-based databases... for embedded software targets including cat and mri scanners, scanning probe microscopes, wireless internet modems, home gateway boxes.

I am the principal author of a free software development suite known as atool which has been used by hundreds of engineers since 1986. 

I host two freeware web sites:
In my non-work life, my wife and enjoy our hometown of Santa Cruz, California, and I am an avid hiker, backpacker, dancer and body-surfer.  This picture was taken during a hike to the Black Tusk in British Columbia.

Contact Info:

I may be contacted by sending email (no spam please!) to software (atsign) embuildsw (dot) com . 


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