Resume of Ted Merrill, Retired Software Architect

emBuild Software Design
Santa Cruz, California
software <at - no spam> emBuildSw < dot > com

October 2014 to May 2015: System Architect for Nomizo, Santa Cruz

July 2010 to September 2014: Semi-retired.

October 2007 to July 2010: Special Projects Engineer at Atheros Communications, San Jose

Atheros Communications is a leading provider of chips for WiFi and other networking applications.
My work at Atheros included:

October 2003 to September 2007: Software Consultant (emBuild Software Design)

My clients:

January 1996 to September 2007: Software Fellow at ArrayComm, Inc., San Jose

ArrayComm is a provider of wireless cellular telephony and Internet access technology.
I worked full time for ArrayComm until Oct. 2003 and then for four years as a part time employee providing software tool support.
Most of the following items that I have designed and written were in use by ArrayComm engineers every day and/or part of several products.

May 1993 to January 1996: Sr. Software Engineer at Park Scientific Instruments, Sunnyvale

Park Scientific Instruments manufactured the AutoProbe line of scanning probe microscopes. They have since been absorbed into another company.

May 1991 to May 1993: Software Architect at InVision Technologies

InVision Technologies manufacturers CT-based airport baggage inspection systems.  It is now based in Newark, CA, and has done quite well since the recent terrorist attacks.

June 1989 to May 1991: Sr. Software Engineer at Resonex, Sunnyvale

Resonex was the manufacturer of a very cost-effective yet high quality MRI scanner.  The company never gained market acceptance and closed it's doors in 1995.

August 1983 to April 1985 and July 1986 to June 1989: Sr. Software Engineer at Imatron, Inc., South San Francisco

Imatron introduced an innovative cinematic CT-scan machine in 1983. The company was acquired by GE in 2001 and is still in the same business as GE Imatron.

April 1985 to July 1986: Software Engineer at Docugraphix Inc., Cupertino

Docugraphix manufactured a mechanical CAD / tech pubs workstation.

August 1981 to August 1983: Research Engineer at Ampex, Redwood City

June 1981: Graduated with MS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley

August 1979 to June 1981: Research Assistant at Impact Lab, UC Berkeley

June 1979: Graduated with BS in Engineering Mathematics from UC Berkeley

June 1978 to June 1979: Research Aide at Impact Lab, UC Berkeley